“This was my pleasure”

My name is Mook. I have long hair and tan skin. 🙂
I live alone because my parents went to work in the provinces.

I graduated bachelor degree in Airline business. I sent my resume
to many. However, no response at all.

While I am trying to find a job. I have met guy teacher crafts.
He has taught me to leather work handmade. Which I have
designed and made it up from my designed by myself. Made
me feel “This was my pleasure.”

From that day I was trying to learn and need to have one shop for
present my work. So, I decided to open a shop here. To present my
design and products.

I realize that, The opening shop is easy. But customer care more
difficult. So please feel free for contact me and wish you have
happiness with my designed and my handmade products.

Have a nice everyday.